What is a deckle fetish?

Deckle fetishism is a fascination that afflicts certain types of obsessive book collectors. Deckle edges are the result of handmade paper used to make books before the process was more machine-driven. It is a hallmark of old books to see a deckle edge, where the paper has not been trimmed along the edges to give a neat, flat fore edge, and is instead rippled and uneven. Some collectors become obsessed with owning these untrimmed editions. You can read more about it in John Carter’s ABC for Book Collectors, which is available in PDF form here.

What’s the comic about?

Monster’s Union facilitates monstrous behavior in a safe environment, letting monsters wreak havoc without endangering too many humans. The comic follows a handful of employees through their jobs and the various kinky sex they have.

What tools are you using?

I use a “Yiynova DP10 10.1″ USB Digitizer Tablet LCD Display” – a cheap(er) alternative to a Wacom, along with Manga Studio 5.