Long time. I know I don’t have the best handwriting, so I’ve transcripted it below. I’d have done something I little cleaner, but I’m on the road, and finished this up while I was on the plane. I suppose this is a sort of declaration of intent; that now I’ve publicly said I plan on getting back to work. It’s a means of accountability.


Hi! I’m Vid Tuesday. You may know me from my drawings, or things going in my butt.

You probably also noticed I’m not doing much of either these days.

And I wish that weren’t the case. Comics and porn are integral to my identity. Unfortunately something else has been in the way.

Clinical depression and anxiety are nothing new in comics. I don’t have to rehash what it can do.

Somewhere amid anhedonia and pure panic, nothing is fun or easy, whether it’s thumb-nailing or replying to casting calls.

Still, the first step of any creative endeavor is to make stuff. The second step is to make more stuff.

So, whether you’re here for my art or my ass (or both!) look out for more in the future.