Oh lord. I don’t want to look at when I last updated. My full-time work schedule has completely thrown me, but I have returned!! So much has  happened, too.

In the world of real-life porn, two of my good friends, Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn, have started a wild new site called Queer Porn TV! They are two fantastic, energetic ladies, and you should definitely keep your eyes on that project. Another new project worth checking out is Heavenly Spire, from Shine Louise Houston, creator of the Crash Pad Series. Heavenly Spire is all about masculine appreciation, and the things she does with a camera are astounding! And guess what? I’m totally on there! You should sign up and give her your monies.

Look for more updates soon, including more comic pages, new “about” and “cast” pages and new links as well.