A comic appears! In which nothing is answered!

Things are moving a little more quickly with the traditional media comics, but the whole 9-5 schtick really gets in the way.  Seems like I complain about this with every update. :|

Peter Parker’s life is so busy that I haven’t been up to much except for scheming for the future.  However, Dolores Park Studio‘s first film, Brunch Bunch, is at an internet retailer near you!  Specifically, Early to Bed and Smitten Kitten! I highly recommend picking up a copy, and not just because I’m in it! It’s got an incredible cast- Dorain Darkalley, Joie, Javier, Syd Blakovich, James Darling, Bos, Dale Ryder, Peter Piper, Drew Deveaux & me, and is directed by my buddy Ian Sparks , of T-Wood fame.