In case you’re wondering, that statue on the right is modeled after Michelangelo’s “Rebellious Slave.” Putting all this together took ages, as you no doubt noticed. I’m hoping that sometime soon I’ll have a better method of putting these things together. Also, I’m looking to reschedule myself to be a bit more swift with my updates.

What new things have happened? Well, note the new banner (fancy!) and the link to the right for Heavenly Spire. If you sign up to Shine’s awesome, beautiful site using that link, a portion of your monthly subscription will come back to yours truly! One of the reasons I love working for people like Shine is that they treat their models so well, even down to little affiliate programs like this.

Also, the amazingly talented Erika Moen started a new comic with her studio mate Jeff Parker, called Bucko, a “dick and fart joke murder-mystery” that’s shaping up nicely.

My friends’ new site, Queer Porn TV, continues to grow and improve! They’ve just announced a partnership with Smitten Kitten and launched their own tube channel, Q Tube, where you can upload your own porn!

I probably have more news than this, but I can’t think of anything, so keep an eye around here for further news and updates!