So, a lot of things have happened since I last updated (which was entirely too long ago). These were some serious delays, such as my computer being out of commission, my mom’s house being destroyed by a tornado, and Pride. Also, this was a much more involved comic than I’ve been producing, as you can probably tell. Today’s update is all about adding in more backgrounds than usual, and more detail. The next one will probably end up being a game of playing with panel layout.

Anyhow, computer is fixed, the house is an ongoing thing, and we’ve all survived Pride. For the 4th, I got to hang out with my buddy Mo of Naked Eye Photography, and do some outdoor summer sexy photography. If you ever have a chance to shoot with Mo, go for it. It is fun as all hell, as I learned from this experience, and the time on the set of Brunch Bunch. Check out the website.