Greetings, all! Here we meet Whitehall’s boss, and I’m establishing that no, the fourth wall might as well not be there.

Other news? This past weekend brought WonderCon to San Francisco!!! I saw great panels with the casts of Human Target and Chuck, and saw episodes of both shows days in advance of when they aired on TV. That was pretty sweet. BUT!DiazMe

That’s not the reason I went there. One reason I went there was booth #425- “The Reason You Came,” with Aaron Diaz (Dresden Codak) and Meredith Gran (Octopus Pie). Here I am geeking out at said booth:

There’s Aaron Diaz doodling in the sketchbook I bought, and afterward he kindly signed the Tiny Carl Jung sweater I’m wearing in the picture.

Here’s Meredith Gran being nice enough to pose with me at the end of the day. I’m such a big fan of Octopus Pie, she does such phenomenal work on the writing and art, and it’s so much fun to go back and re-read it again and again, which is generally the sign that you’re doing something right in comics.

GranMeUnfortunately I already pre-ordered There Are No Stars in Brooklyn (and you should, too!), so I bought a print based on the Couch Sitter storyline instead. I sort of froze up when I went up to her. She’s very sweet, but it was still intimidating to meet her.

Oh god you guys.  You wanna know the real reason I went to WonderCon? Randy Milholland (Something*Positive). Randy is by far the nicest guy I’ve met at any comic convention. Not just in webcomics, he’s the nicest guy I’ve come across in the whole field of comics.

He did a sketch of Quintus the Clock-Eyed Cat for me, and had a giant box of original art on the cheap. I snagged a panel from one of his Corsetto & Milholland strips (the fifth panel with the tokens, specifically) and hopefully one day I’ll get to meet Danielle Corsetto (Girls with Slingshots) and get her to sign it, too. :)

I’ve been reading Something*Positive longer than any other webcomic. It’s stuck with me through the good and bad times, and it’s just one of those constants that even when things suck, there will be a new page soon, and it’ll cheer me up. I’ve probably been reading it for at least 6 years now, and it was just such a great time to finally meet “Uncle Randy” and tell him that I love his work.RandyMe